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Gaya Kessler Freelance Developer,
Gaya Kessler

(Full stack) Web Developer. Specialising in JavaScript, React, Node.js, TypeScript, and modern front-end. I create rich applications for the Internet and mobile platforms. Both in the front-end and in the back-end.

I am Gaya Kessler, a developer living in the Netherlands. Opinionated, always ready for a discussion, and to help build something great.

My passion is to create the best for the web, always keeping up with the latest in web technologies. This allowed me to work on a lot of different projects, and thus experience what works and what doesn’t in various different situations.

I create simple solutions to complex problems.

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What I am Good at

Subjects I mainly focus on are JavaScript (and TypeScript), back-end JavaScript using Node.js, front-end development, React, Redux, WebPack, Single Page Applications / Progressive Web Apps, and mobile apps (React Native).

I love to work in agile environments, both on site and with remote teams.

My main value I provide is that I can take a complex subject and turn it into something understandable. This way even beginning programmers can follow what the complex parts of the product are doing.









Why Hire me?

Hire me for freelance JavaScript / React development as well as solving the whole front-end tool stack of your projects. My experience lies in creating solid and stable applications which teams of developers like to keep working on and improve.

My strength is that I know how to structure and create the right architectures for complex web applications. I also have an eye for code quality and following best-practises.

I help teams create readable solutions and future proof code.

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Professional Experience

I have been working in web development professionally from 2006. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, which has formed a solid opinion on what works, and what doesn’t.

I also occasionally speak at meetups, conferences, and in-company about these topics.

In the past I have worked on projects of various sizes. This helped me in choosing the right tool for the job. From small JavaScript widgets to full-blown applications; anything is possible.

Read my full resumé for my past work experience.

Some of the Companies I've Worked with


Cloud hosting platform for Philips Healthcare


Support and education for development team


Node.js web services
mobile & web apps


UI development for a Brewery Controller


Information management web application

CleverNode Projects


Privacy First Time Tracker

A/B Testing for WordPress

A/B Testing for WordPress


Social Whisky App

3D Cube Designer
(collab w/

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